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A Columbian in the sweet Sauternes area

Entrusted by a Burgundy wine broker, I had the opportunity to guide a really pleasant Columbian customer who had  come to visit wine producers with a view to stocking the French shelves of the supermarket chain he represents.

In August 2013 , customs duties payable on French wines entering Columbia were axed following the adoption of a new trade agreement.  They were before that almost as high as 20%.  Hence , I wonder, will we be seeing a new Columbian clientèle in our Bordelais vineyards ?

We were warmly welcomed in the Domaines Gonet Médeville where we sampled numerous wines produced at different family properties :  Château Les Justices, Château  Respide, Château Les Eyrins  and to finish the famous Château Gilette.  These Bordelais Châteaux are the heritage of the Médeville family  (apart from Château Les Eyrins which was acquired in 2009).  But Marie Médeville’s husband has, in his own right, inherited  some lands in Champagne and we were therefore fortunate enough to be able to sample two Gonet-Médeville champagnes and I found the Champagne rosé particularly enchanting.

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