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An unforgettable 90th birthday in the heart of Cognac distilleries

Lisa contacted me almost a year ago to organize an exceptional day in Cognac with her family to celebrate together her father's 90th birthday!
Lisa said, "My dad's not just a 90-year-old man like you've never seen before, my dad's is some James Bond!"

 So, since I know that Lisa is a travel agent who works in the United States in Dallas, I immediately understood what would make her happy... So I organized a very special day in Cognac for the whole family.

At first, we had an appointment at Rémy Martin, one of the 4 biggest Cognac houses. At Rémy Martin, we took a tour of their Merpins production site; we discovered the different stages of distillation, the main steps of Cognac eaux-de-vie ageing, which once assembled will give birth to the Rémy Martin Cognac range. The visitors were very happy with this visit and the tasting of VSOP and XO Rémy Martin accompanied by two bites (a tasting of VSOP on the rocks with a Roquefort bouchée and a Cognac XO Rémy Martin with a small chocolate/passion fruit cookie).

2018 06 26 01 Pick up La Rochelle Port Of Call Cognac tasting tour              2018 06 26 02 Private Cognac Tasting tour Remy Martin

We took back the car and after 20 minutes drive in a bucolic Charente countryside setting with endless rows of vines, we arrived near Segonzac at the Cognac Michel Forgeron.

2018 06 26 03 Cognac pairing foie gras appetizers            2018 06 26 04 Cognac grape juice cocktail appetizers

There we were welcomed by Oriane from the company Expérience Sur Mesure and Francine Forgeron, the owner, around an aperitif made with Grande Fine Champagne and sparkling grape juice from the estate. This delicious cocktail accompanied an appetizers bouquet made of foie gras and shrimps that have been unanimously appreciated in the shade of the garden trees in the middle of the hollyhocks!

2018 06 26 05 Cognac pairing foie gras appetizers and Chef Cedric            2018 06 26 06 Cognac grape juice cocktail appetizers

Then on the way to the table on a traditional French country tablecloth with red checkerboards that will impress our guests: an starter on a variation of peas (peas on an emulsion of green peas, accompanied by flat beans and gourmet peas with a perfect egg), accompanied by a frozen Cognac-Michel Forgeron VSOP.

The time of the second course arrives: the main course is a local Barbezieux chicken breast with a crayfish sauce, served on fried asparagus... this time accompanied by a Cognac Michel forgeron XO

 2018 06 26 07 Cognac pairing lunch starter peas    2018 06 26 06 Cognac pairing lunch Frozen VSOP   2018 06 26 08 Cognac pairing lunch spassion fruit dessert

Finally, the dessert... sublime dessert: a tubular cookie in which several layers will delight the taste buds of all the guests.... a passion fruit mousse, a mango sorbet placed on a avocado base and a few small balls of fresh mango will bring a little crunch to this dessert accompanied by a Cognac Michel Forgeron Vieille Réserve

Lisa and her family were delighted with this beautiful day; this experience in our Cognac region where they were able to have lunch at the table of the owners of a small family Cognac house, tasting sumptuous dishes, all paired with a very adapted selection of Cognacs; these food/Cognac pairings having been elaborated by Oriane, the sommelier of the duo from Experience sur Mesure.

 2018 06 26 09 Cognac pairing lunch starter Frozen VSOP Cognac       2018 06 26 07 Cognac pairing lunch Passion fruit dessert

If you also want to organize a memorable day for a particular event in the heart of the Cognac vineyards, do not hesitate to contact me; I will find you the ideal interlocutors and partners for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Cognac distilleries.


 If you too plan to come to Cognac for a special occasion, do not hesitate to contact me and ask a free quote

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