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Want to experience
a unique Bordeaux wine tour?

You deserve better than a standard wine tasting trip designed to appeal to the largest audiences.

I got a secret for you !

If you are on a cruise docking in Bordeaux, I offer the opportunity to save money and escape the crowds on all of the standard cruise excursions.

You don't know how to start and plan an unforgettable and tailor-made Bordeaux wine trip?
Let me help you...

A Bordeaux wine presentation to understand better the Bordeaux wines

Your guide is passionate and wine enthusiast. At the end of the day, you become more knowledgeable about local wines.

 Official private driver to Bordeaux Wineries

Travel aboard a comfortatble 9 seater people mover
You travel with a licensed company entered in the official national transportation operators registry. You will be driven by a experienced private driver.

 A scenic drive to Bordeaux Wineries

Enjoy a scenic drive through the Bordeaux region countryside and the picturesque villages.
Enjoy the scenic landscape of typical Bordeaux vineyards in confort and immerse yourself in local life ! And if you are not into the wine, no problem, I can make different plan for you !

 Bordeaux city panoramic tour

Enjoy a guided panoramic tour of Bordeaux city
All the tours will be accompanied by a local licensed guide, so that you can enjoy a guided tour of Bordeaux including fun facts and some tips and landmarks for the best spots for a glass or a smart diner...

Get your tailor-made
Bordeaux wine tour !

A custom Bordeaux wine trip designed for you only!

Depending if you are a newbie or a connoisseur, the tour will be designed to match your expectations ! 

Half-day tours from Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion, Blaye or Libourne
Rates start from 465.00€ for your party for a half day tour!

Full-day tours can be offered from Bordeaux, Blaye, Bourg, Libourne...
Rates start from 543.00€ for your party for a full day tour!

A Bordeaux wine tour from Paris?

Great News : Bordeaux wine tours from Paris in one day are possible! 

Visit Bordeaux wineries and the countryside and understand how the grapes are grown and turned into some of the most famous wines worldwide.

I do not offer package tours from Paris to Bordeaux  but I will be more than happy to help you to arrange a Bordeaux wine tour like this one as an example:

  • 7.10 am: Catch the TGV in Paris to Bordeaux (arrival 9.15 am)
  • 9.30 am : Pick-up at the Bordeaux train station
    Drive to the vineyards of Saint Emilion
  • 11.00 Visit a first winery and enjoy a casual pic nic there or grab a quick lunch in a lovely casual bistrot. 
  • 2.30 pm : visit a second Bordeaux winery
  • 4.00 pm : visit the lovely medieval village of St Emilion or taste more local wines
  • 6.00 pm: transfer to the station or to your place of stay
  • 7.15 Drop off at Bordeaux train station to catch the TGV back to Paris (arrival 9.55 pm)

* Train tickets are not on sale here - and cannot be included in the rates

FAQ 01 - Where do you pick us up?

Pick up from the cruise ship for a Bordeaux wine tourI will pick you up directly where you stay : hotel or B&B lost in the countryside. I can also pick you up from Libourne or Saint-Emilion or Blaye (globally speaking the right bank of Bordeaux vineyards). 

I can also pick you up directly near your cruise ship if docked in Bordeaux or Bassens, at least as close as I can. The ship generally dock very close of the city center so I will always be able to meet you at a walking distance from the gangway.


FAQ 02 - How many people are there per group/tour?

My tours are all private. I don't offer shared tours.

Tours can host 8 people maximum. The prices are always given for the whole party and not per person.

My vehicle offers 6 individuals seats + 2 in the front seat.

FAQ 03 - What type of vehicle is used for the tours, do you have A/C and other comfort equipment?

BordeauxCognacTourGuide uses only a FORD minivan, comfortable and fully equipped including air conditonning, shaded windows, 6 individual seats and large leg space.

My vehicle is a 9-seater minivan (1 driver + 8 passengers including two on the front seat). It is equipped with 2 wide sliding doors which makes it easier for the group to get in and out of the vehicle.

FAQ 04 - How many Bordeaux wineries can I visit per day? Can I choose which wineries I visit on the tour?

Visit Bordeaux wineriesTypically, a full day tour includes the visit of 3 wineries and 2 wineries for a half-day tour.

You have to know that we need to get an appointement in all the wineries.

Let me know the wineries that you wish to visit; I will do my best to give you satisfaction. Keep in mind that some of the top exclusive properties are only available to wine professionals. First growth are very exclusive and usually not open to visitors except professional. 

If you rely on my expertise... I work with a multitude of great partners and try to combine contrasted wineries to offer you the best experience in Bordeaux and let you catch the soul of the region.

FAQ 05 - How much does a visit and wine tasting session cost?

Barrel tasting in Saint EmilionWell... Difficult question to answer !

The cost depends on the wineries, the wine appellation and the fame of the winery name.

For grouped/shared visits, the prices range varies from 5€ to 25€ per person per chateau. For private tours the prices range varies from 10€ to 85€ per person per chateau depending on the wineries you expect to visit.

I will always let you know the exact amount you will have to pay in advance. Because the tasting fees vary so much, I never include them in the price of my tours.

FAQ 06 - I am not interested in the full tour of the winery, could I do only the wine tasting ?

Hum ... nope sorry !
Wineries are producers and not only distributors !

So they will serve you a glass of wine only after the visit. However it will be an unique occasion to visit vineyard and learn about all the process from the grape to the glass !

I am convinced that each tour will be an opportunity to learn something new and to immerse yourself in the local culture!

Of course, we can also plan some extra tasting in a wine shop if you want to taste more samples of local wines ! 

FAQ 07 - When is the best season to plan a Bordeaux wine tour?

Harvest - grapes sorting tableI would say that for me, one of the best times to visit

Bordeaux enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and hot summers. The best weather is anytime between May and September with the highest temperatures typically in July and August.

June to August is the busiest period for tourism in Cognac, so lodging and other accommodations may cost more than usual. September and October are the period for harvesting, so producers might be a bit busy. Better to choose second half of October for still a nice weather and long daylight.

Distillation campaign will generally start again mid-November.

FAQ 08 - When do I need to start planning my Bordeaux wine tasting trip?

Sooner is always the better ! Because visits are mainly by appointment and depend on availabilities of the producers; most of them need to know in advance when they will be visited. If you book early you will have more chance to visit your favorite ones.

If you book early you will have more chance to visit the best one. Early booking = better visits ! 

Most of the wineries will need to be booked in advance. You have to know that traveling to Bordeaux is not like traveling to Napa or other wine countries. Visits are arranged only by appointments and depend on winemakers availabilities. It is not possible to just turn up in Bordeaux as it is in many wine regions.

For a better experience, I will arrange all the visits booking in order to give you a large overview of the different Bordeaux wine styles. Wine tasting fees are never included in my rates as they may vary a lot from one winery to another one, but I will allways let you know the amount you need to consider in total for your tour.

FAQ 09 - Marie, what methods of payment do you accept if I book my Cognac tasting Tour with you?

Once you are satisfied with my proposal, I send you an invoice used as a booking form. The document needs to be completed, signed, scanned and returned by e-mail.
To reserve your trip, I require a 30% deposit of the total amount to confirm the tour booking (credit crad, Bank wire transfer or Paypal).

The balance can be paid in advance or on the spot (Cash or credit card - No Amex)

FAQ 10 - Please Marie, tell me about your cancellation policy?

BordeauxCognacTourGuide adheres to the following cancellation policy if for certain resons you are forced to cancel your shore excursion with me:

  • 60 days or more prior to departure will not be subject to a cancellation fee.
  • 60 - 30 days or more prior to departure will be subject to a 120€ per program cancellation fee.
  • 30-15 days prior to departure will be subject to 30% of the program price.
  • 15 - 5 days prior to departure will be subject to 50% of the program price.
  • 5 days or less prior to departure will be subject to 100% of the program price.

Refund Policy: Refunds are not made for any missed or unused services.

5 good reasons to choose Bordeaux Cognac Tour Guide over another company ?

Because I am a real local. I was born here an grew up here.

Because you will have only one interlocutor and you know in advance that your tour will be designed depending on your expectations

Because you are sure that everything is in order regarding french rules for transportation, registrations and licenses

Because a friendly moment is always guaranteed !

 Because you won't have to waste your time to plan a good trip itinerary, I will do it for you! I can arrange your itinerary to be time-efficient (do not forget your time on the spot is short!) and I will probably allow you to visit more places during your call in Bordeaux !

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