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Full day guided walking tour of Bordeaux

Duration: 8 Hours
From: Bordeaux Centre
To: Bordeaux Centre
Languages: French, English
Group size 1 - 50 people
Max group size: 1
Categories: Visit Bordeaux
Plan a guided walking tour of Bordeaux listed by UNESCO in 2007! I propose you a selection of places, points of view and monuments to understand the identity of Bordeaux city and how its physiognomy has evolved over centuries.

What to visit in Bordeaux in 1 day?

If you haven't already picked a place to stay in the heart of Bordeaux, I recommend we set a meeting point outside the city center. This way, we can head into the city together by taking the tram and experience the local life! With the cost of parking in the city center becoming prohibitively expensive, I suggest meeting at one of Bordeaux's park-and-ride facilities (for less than 5€, which includes daily parking and one round trip on the tram network for each car occupant).

Now, onto discovering Bordeaux. This city is full of hidden gems and historic landmarks. For one day, I propose we see the following:

  • The stunning 18th century facade of the docks along the Garonne River, which is the backbone of Bordeaux and its history.
  • Place de la Bourse (Stock Exchange Square) and the water mirror: a magnificent and elegant square from the 18th century that is now reflected in a thin layer of water, a true sight to behold!
  • The Monument to the Girondins: a massive memorial to the Girondins deputies who were victims of the Terror during the French Revolution.
  • The Cailhau Gate, which was once part of the ramparts of Bordeaux.
  • The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, designed by architect Victor Louis.
  • Old Bordeaux Districts and Parliament Square.
  • Saint Andrew's Cathedral: a Gothic cathedral with a separate bell tower named "Tour Pey Berland" after the Archbishop who ordered its construction.
  • The Grosse Cloche: the former belfry of Bordeaux's old town hall, which was part of the ramparts that have now disappeared.


This will give us a chance to understand the different sides of the city. The narrow streets of Old Bordeaux, which are steeped in medieval history, and the wide boulevards of the city that were developed during the 18th century, the Golden Age of Bordeaux. During this time, the city underwent major urban changes due to the economic prosperity brought on by the wine and colonial products trade, but also from darker parts of history, like slavery & triangular trade.

Of course, we can tailor our exploration of Bordeaux's streets to a theme of your choice, like medieval Bordeaux or the Baroque churches of Bordeaux. And I highly suggest visiting one of the two museums I offer in my tours (entrance fees not included):

  • Museum of Aquitaine: 6€ per person (open every day except Monday and public holidays)
  • Bordeaux Fine Arts Museum: 6€ per person (open every day except Tuesday and public holidays)
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Important information
  • The services of a licensed tour guide for a guided walking tour of Bordeaux up to 8 hours
  • The design of a customized guided tour according to a itinerary that corresponds to your interests
  • Personal expenses
  • The lunch
  • Please note that there may be an extra charge if departure earlier than 10.00
  • Admission fees to Bordeaux museums: :
    • Musée d'Aquitaine : 6€ per person (every day except Monday and public holidays)
    • Musée des Beaux Arts : 6€ per person (every day except Tuesday and public holidays)