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Guided walking tour : old village of Bourg-Sur-Gironde

Duration: 2 Hours
From: Bourg Sur Gironde
To: Bourg Sur Gironde
Languages: French, English
Group size 1 - 50 people
Max group size: 1
Transportation: Walking Tours
Come and discover the ancient village of Bourg sur Gironde and its little stories that often echo the main one! Follow me to meet great characters such as Louis XIV

Visit Bourg-Sur-Gironde: an ancient village rich in anecdotes but no longer on the Gironde!

The village of Bourg sur Gironde is no longer on the banks of the Gironde river, due to the sediment deposits carried by the Garonne river which, over time, have slowly moved the confluence of the Garonne and Dordogne rivers downstream. Despite its changing location, the small town has a rich history, full of fascinating tales and events due to its former strategic position on the river.

Revisiting French History through the informal stories of Bourg sur Gironde

But more than anything, Bourg offers a wealth of interesting stories which provide a unique opportunity to step into French history in the setting of a typical rural village. From the port to the hilltop upper town, from the Roman Empire to World War II and the Fronde revolts, I'll take you on a journey of discovery through Bourg sur Gironde, a charming village on the banks of the Dordogne river.

Between upper and lower town of Bourg sur Gironde

let's walk along the ramparts... Through our guided tour, discover the surprising history of the shipyards of Bourg or the explosion of an oil depot during the Liberation... Come to meet François Daleau, a prehistoric emeritus or Leo Lagrange, famous politician native of the village or Louis XIV, still too young to carry this title when he stayed here in Bourg sur Gironde.

It is indeed a two-level city. The town is split into upper- and lower- levels. The upper town, which is of a more noble character, is nestled behind its ramparts on a rocky promontory and boasts beautiful 18th century buildings. Meanwhile, the lower town was the more commercial, bustling with activity around the port, where glass bottle production, wine exports, stone trading, fishing, and shipbuilding all took place. This area also features an impressive old wash-house from 1828, considered one of the most beautiful in the region.

Then why not finish our tour to the new wine bar for a wine-tasting of Côtes de Bourg? The local wine is nicknamed "Spicy Bordeaux" because of its spicy notes coming from the unusual proportions of the Malbec grape variety in the local blends...

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Important information
  • The services of a licensed tour guide for a guided tour up to 2 hours
  • Entrances fees to horse-drawn carriages museum
  • Wine tasting at the wine bar of the local wine-makers from Côtes de Bourg
  • Local sweet pastry Figue de Bourg tasting