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4 Norvegians discovering Cognac distilleries

On last Thursday 07th January 2016, here I am under the traditional winter drizzle at Bordeaux airport to welcome 2 nice couples old Cognac lovers from Norway and guide them in Cognac vineyards and distilleries !

An unforgettable 90th birthday in the heart of Cognac distilleries

Lisa contacted me almost a year ago to organize an exceptional day in Cognac with her family to celebrate together her father's 90th birthday!
Lisa said, "My dad's not just a 90-year-old man like you've never seen before, my dad's is some James Bond!"

 So, since I know that Lisa is a travel agent who works in the United States in Dallas, I immediately understood what would make her happy... So I organized a very special day in Cognac for the whole family.

Custom combined Bordeaux and Cognac trip with 4 Norvegian

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, I had the pleasure to welcome once again Ingolf and his friends from Bergen in Norway to discover the secrets of Bordeaux wines and new familial distilleries in the heart of Cognac. 4 beautiful days under the sign of discovery and conviviality!  

Enjoy Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries tours on board of confortable & smart people mover

The Ford Custom Tourneo is one of the best vehicles on the touring  people movers scene.

That's why I chose this vehicle for my private tours of the Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries; it's also perfect for enjoying panoramic drives along the Arcachon Bay or the wild banks of the largest estuary in Europe, The Gironde!  

It’s a flexible and capable people mover that features a modern design both inside and out, and a range of advanced options. With this people carrier, I deliver first class trips for up to 8 passengers for all your private tours through Bordeaux wineries or Cognac distilleries.

Follow me in the alleys of wine tourism workshop in Bordeaux

As this is a trade fair for professionals, perhaps some of you have heard about it without being invited... If you had come to Need Wine's wine tourism workshop, you could have met 120 exhibitors but also many visitors who had come to meet wine tourism partners to organize wine tours in the Bordeaux region but not only... Let me tell you about it below!

How to make sure your driver is an official and registered private driver or taxi in France?

A news item has recently been reported in various media..... it is an illegal driver who picked up a couple of Thai tourists in Paris and threatened them to get the incredible amount of 247€ for a 40 km service!
So how do you avoid being trapped and how do you recognize a regular and official driver... I am a VTC, both a driver and a registered private driver, operating in Bordeaux and Cognac area and I list the elements to be checked.

Immersion in the Cognac "Bonnes Chauffes" - 2nd distillation

Following the advice of my twitter friend Agathe from Charentes at the beginning of January, I found myself off to discover the secrets of the distillation of Cognac and the famous charente copper pot still with its “bonnes chauffes“.. Did you know that the proper thing in Cognac making process is the double distillation? The second heating is commonly called "Bonne Chauffe" (good heating); it will result the "heart", which once aged under oak wood will be sold under the name of Cognac.

May 2016 : From La Rochelle to Bergerac via Périgueux

It is in these overbooked weeks when I realized that the territory covered by the guided tours I propose is far from ridiculous! From Bergerac to the Atlantic Coast of La Rochelle via Bordeaux, St Emilion, Blaye, or Périgueux and Hautefort, it was a very intense period!

The 5 worst clichés about guided tours that are hard to uproot

Yes yes I know...  Everyone will be able to share the memory of a long and boring tour...  A taste of "It will never happen again!" after an unfortunate experience... It happened to me too even if I am quite easy going...

Let's go through the 5 clichés about guided tours that are hard to uproot and that we hear far too often!

Un anniversaire en famille inoubliable dans une distillerie de Cognac

Lisa m'a contactée il y a presque un an maintenant pour organiser une journée exceptionnelle à Cognac avec sa famille pour célébrer tous ensemble les 90 ans de son père!
Lisa m'a dit : "mon papa c'est pas juste un monsieur de 90 ans comme vous n'en avez jamais vu, mon papa c'est un peu James Bond!"

 Du coup, comme je sais que Lisa est un agent de voyage qui travaille aux États-Unis à Dallas, j'ai tout de suite compris ce qui lui ferait plaisir... J'ai donc organisé une journée inoubliable à Cognac pour toute la famille.