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5 wine labels for Saint Emilion? Would you like to understand better?

Today I suggest we talk about wine! not just any wine,  Saint-Emilion wines!

Do you ever find yourself confused by the numerous bottles of Saint Emilion wine with different labels? This is because there is one main appellation, Saint Emilion, and four satellite areas that are allowed to add the name of Saint Emilion to their label. Let me break it down for you.

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A Columbian in the sweet Sauternes area

Entrusted by a Burgundy wine broker, I had the opportunity to guide a really pleasant Columbian customer who had  come to visit wine producers with a view to stocking the French shelves of the supermarket chain he represents.

Are you travelling to Bordeaux with your kids? What a wonderful Idea!

Easy to admit that there simply are not enough wine tours that cater to the whole family, meaning that a trip to Bordeaux wine region is unfortunately overlooked as a family-friendly holiday. So of course, I thought I could try to rectify this…

Let’s be honest: when you’re a parent on holiday in Bordeaux wine country, it would be nice to sneak in a vineyard visit without having to find childcare...
You know what? I love kids and welcoming families. I'm not even afraid of diapers!

Enjoy Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries tours on board of confortable & smart people mover

The Ford Custom Tourneo is one of the best vehicles on the touring  people movers scene.

That's why I chose this vehicle for my private tours of the Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries; it's also perfect for enjoying panoramic drives along the Arcachon Bay or the wild banks of the largest estuary in Europe, The Gironde!  

It’s a flexible and capable people mover that features a modern design both inside and out, and a range of advanced options. With this people carrier, I deliver first class trips for up to 8 passengers for all your private tours through Bordeaux wineries or Cognac distilleries.

Follow me in the alleys of wine tourism workshop in Bordeaux

As this is a trade fair for professionals, perhaps some of you have heard about it without being invited... If you had come to Need Wine's wine tourism workshop, you could have met 120 exhibitors but also many visitors who had come to meet wine tourism partners to organize wine tours in the Bordeaux region but not only... Let me tell you about it below!

Happy Hawaïan Travelers in Gironde

This year I had the pleasure of welcoming a group of 12 people from Hawaii who wanted to discover the authentic side of our region. When they contacted me – they made it clear that they would prefer to eat in farms/inns and to stop on small family run estates. I designed them a tailor-made programme and hoped they would not be disappointed with it...

How to make sure your driver is an official and registered private driver or taxi in France?

A news item has recently been reported in various media..... it is an illegal driver who picked up a couple of Thai tourists in Paris and threatened them to get the incredible amount of 247€ for a 40 km service!
So how do you avoid being trapped and how do you recognize a regular and official driver... I am a VTC, both a driver and a registered private driver, operating in Bordeaux and Cognac area and I list the elements to be checked.