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Use of public money : A modern evil? Let's focus on the Royal Ropery

| Marie HALLIER | News

 Did you know that? It is longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall.... 374 meters against 324 meters for the famous tower!
With its 374 metres long, the Royal Ropery of Rochefort is a real architectural curiosity. Until the 20th century, the Corderie Royale remained the longest industrial building in Europe!

 The Royal Ropery, built between 1666 and 1669, supplied the Navy and its ships with ropes during three centuries! Since the very early begining, the choice of site was extremely controversial !


5 wine labels for Saint Emilion? Would you like to understand better?

| Marie HALLIER | News

Today I suggest we talk about wine! not just any wine,  Saint-Emilion wines!

Are you ever puzzled by the many different labels on bottles of Saint-Emilion wine? You're not alone! This complexity arises because there's one main appellation, Saint-Emilion, and four satellite areas that also bear the Saint-Emilion name. Let’s unravel this mystery together. Let me break it down for you!

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Let's have a short tour in Notre-Dame de Royan

| Marie HALLIER | News

Notre-Dame de Royan is particularly known for its original shape and concrete design. Often decried by those who often do not even dare to push the door to discover the inside, it is a strong symbol of the Reconstruction of Royan, destroyed by the bombings of World War II. Here, the Liberation rhymes with major destruction. Royan is an exception in the "Reconstruction process" in France and will impose itself as a unique meeting place between architects and engineers, of which Notre-Dame is a masterpiece!

The 5 worst clichés about guided tours that are hard to uproot

| Marie HALLIER | News

Yes yes I know...  Everyone will be able to share the memory of a long and boring tour...  A taste of "It will never happen again!" after an unfortunate experience... It happened to me too even if I am quite easy going...

Let's go through the 5 clichés about guided tours that are hard to uproot and that we hear far too often!

COVID-19 - Let's explore France again taking care of each other !

| Marie HALLIER | News

We are all living in a very special time, but that shouldn't stop us from living memorable moments and experiences in the safest conditions!  

Facing this health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, which is hitting us all, I have put in place several health procedures on all my touristic services in order to fight against the spread of the virus and minimize the risks. I will do my best best to make sure you will be able to fully enjoy your tour in a complete sanitary safe way ! 
We are finally getting closer...  But not too close anyway! 


Do you know the 3 Ms from Bordeaux?

| Marie HALLIER | News

Montaigne (16th century), Montesquieu (18th century) & Mauriac (20th century), are all three emblematic figures of French intellectual heritage and literature but did you know that they all come from the Bordeaux region? Hence the charming nickname "the 3Ms of Bordeaux"!