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Enjoy Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries tours on board of confortable & smart people mover

The Ford Custom Tourneo is one of the best vehicles on the touring  people movers scene.

That's why I chose this vehicle for my private tours of the Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries; it's also perfect for enjoying panoramic drives along the Arcachon Bay or the wild banks of the largest estuary in Europe, The Gironde!  

It’s a flexible and capable people mover that features a modern design both inside and out, and a range of advanced options. With this people carrier, I deliver first class trips for up to 8 passengers for all your private tours through Bordeaux wineries or Cognac distilleries.

First introduced in 2013, Tourneo Custom is the flagship product of Ford's Tourneo engine family. It is a flexible and efficient van, with a modern design both inside and out, as well as a range of options. This makes it an advantageous competitor compared to many other popular vehicles on the market. and blah, blah, blah, blah........

 I must say that I chose this vehicle because it is even more comfortable than other people mover vehicles that I have experienced and especially well-known German brands....


1. Safety on board: your safety is taken very seriously, even when it comes to touring the Bordeaux wineries!

  • A strong bodyshell : The Tourneo Custom’s robust body structure delivers better impact resistance and stiffness.
  • The increased stiffness also results in significant improvements to the ride and handling and reduces the noise and vibrations inside the vehicle
  • The wipers automatically adjust to rain and activate when they detect moisture on the windshield
  • Standard safety equipment includes front side airbags mounted on the driver and passenger seats

2. Comfort for the 8 passengers on board to visit the Bordeaux wineries or the Cognac distilleries

The Tourneo Custom really excels in terms of comfort! There are of course the handles with which it is easy to climb aboard but also this large sliding door opening to enter the vehicle. 

  • The space inside the vehicle is super large.... So, even if you're 6 feet tall, you won't have to twist yourself to sit in the back seat! You'll have more than enough legroom!
  • 6 individual seats so you have a comfortable seat and not a common bench, like in a school bus. And if you want to tilt your backrest to make a micro-nap between two distilleries tours, well... it is possible!
  • Travelling comfort is further enhanced by individual seat designs featuring foam padding for optimised support. Rear seat passengers will also appreciate the effective air conditioning system offering faster cooling or heating.
  • 2 Large sliding doors: yes, I chose this people mover because it offers two large sliding doors and therefore a quick way to get in and out of the vehicle when you have 8 passengers. Don't you see the point? Well, if it rains for example, you'll be happy to get back up to the dry seat as soon as possible ????️????... Or if we are in Saint Emilion on a busy day, it allows me to pick up all my passengers quickly at a corner of a street instead of having to walk 20 minutes to the car park where we would have left the car earlier.
  • The footboard is very pleasant... either because it makes boarding easier for passengers with limited mobility, or because you have chosen to enjoey the vineyards perched on high heels ????!


  • an efficient air conditioning system that allows for faster cooling or heating.

3. Efficiency of an 8-passenger vehicle to enjoy Bordeaux Wineries or Cognac Distilleries

The 2.2 litre diesel engine makes your journey peaceful and easy, even on hills or country roads where the quality of the road surface is sometimes outdated... Still very comfortable for 8 passengers on board, the suspension system absorbs most of the unpleasant bumps and the trajectory remains well controlled.


4 - Modernity of the Tourneo Custom van to stay connected on a tour

Throughout the vehicle, the interior trim is very pleasant, from the seats to the carpets. The contemporary and elegant design reinforces the impression of quality and attention to details.  

 Everything in its place and a place for everything. There are many storage spaces and 12V sockets that will allow me to save in extremis the battery problems of your smartphone or tablet! ????

There is also a Bluetooth connection system that will allow you to let us discover your music for example because the idea of travelling is above all an experience of sharing?

 2018 04 10 Wires smartphones Ford Tourneo


 All this makes it more expensive than a Renault Traffic or a Peugeot Expert, but a little cheaper than the Mercedes Viano... higher than both, however. SSo, if you need as many seats as I can offer, the Ford is where your tour through Bordeaux wineries/Cognac distilleries would go.


 5. Visit the Bordeaux vineyards and Cognac distilleries in a comfortable vehicle and your personal stuff

I propose you to carry up to 8 passengers and there will still be some trunk space available for your luggage (Or your wine bottle boxes but shhh! ????)
The longer model I chose offers more luggage space behind the third row of seats.



  • up to 8 passengers
  • Easy access to the vehicle thanks to the wide opening of the doors and the footboard
  • high seat that offers you a panoramic view of the landscape
  • maximisation of the glazed surface which offers you an ideal visibility to enjoy the landscapes and panoramic walks through the vineyards or along the Gironde estuary or the Bassin d'Arcachon
  • 12 V sockets for charging your devices and smartphones + interactions with your connected devices

  2018 06 26 Ford Tourneo La Rochelle

 All of that makes it more expensive than a Renault Traffic or a Peugeot Expert, but a good bit cheaper than the Mercedes Viano… superior to both, though. 

5. Touring Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries on board of confortable people mover

  • up to 8 passengers and still offers some usable boot space with all of them in place.
  • The longer model that I have chosen provides additional luggage space behind the third seat row. The 6 seats can also be flipped down and tumbled to give you various load-carrying configurations : maximise the luggage area or meet special business or lifestyle requirements.
  • high seating position gives you a real king-of-the-road view out. Lots of glass and slim pillars on all sides of the Tourneo make all-round visibility great to enjoy landscapes and scenic drives trhough the vineyards
  • 12 V sockets offering opportunities to charge your devices and smartphones


And now, about my personal reasons...

Because for the same comfort level, the Ford minibus purchase price is much lower than a Mercedes.
So my banker agreed to lend me money without frowning! Therefore, it allows me to offer you top-of-the-range services at a reasonable price if you compare to most of my competitors.

Seen and approved by my accountant! 

But Marie, your minibus is not black, and it doesn't look so luxurious!
This what I hear sometimes from some tour operators...

Well..... Here is my answer : I think there are enough of these vehicles that look like hearses that criss-cross the vineyards around Bordeaux. And as far I am concerned, I think we're all getting into the big black vans early enough, don't you?


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