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Follow me in the alleys of wine tourism workshop in Bordeaux

As this is a trade fair for professionals, perhaps some of you have heard about it without being invited... If you had come to Need Wine's wine tourism workshop, you could have met 120 exhibitors but also many visitors who had come to meet wine tourism partners to organize wine tours in the Bordeaux region but not only... Let me tell you about it below!

I invite you to discover the alleys of the Bordeaux Wine Tourism Fair organised by Need Wine  to bring together in the same place hundreds of wine tourism actors in France.

 As for me, I had a dual identity since I was both there to promote my BordeauxCognacTourGuide structure and as an active member of the AGICA association. We had a stand there in turn, to offer professional and competent tourists guides for various agencies that had made the trip to Hangar 14 in Bordeaux. It was a great opportunity to promote our business, our association and our growing brand : "Mon Guide"


This workshop was an opportunity to see people we know but don't see often because the estuary separates us... I'm talking here about my Medoc friends... and when it's not the estuary, well it's Bordeaux and its endless traffic jam, understand here the wine region of Graves, laying in the south of Bordeaux...

So it was a real pleasure to see again the Château de Portets, the Château Phélan Segur or the Château Tour Castillon...

It was a real pleasure to take the time to discuss, exchange and see what each of us is doing to develop new innovative and quality wine tourism offers.

A little tour by the addresses I visit during my Bordeaux wine tours with a little stop at Chateau de Ferrand and Chateau Boutinet.



Unfortunately, not much time to devote to uninterrupted conferences, which nevertheless seemed extremely interesting, but I also had the opportunity to meet promising new partnership options, in particular to extend my Cognac Tours adress book; but also the discovery of a small familial estate offering to discover an extraordinary product: Fine de Bordeaux, a cousin of Cognac and distilled in Gironde. The brandy distiiled in the Bordeaux wine region had almost disspeared and know now a regain of interest; it has been protected by a Geographical quality label since 2013.  I was able to taste it but I'm not telling you more for the moment since these visits are still under study... The aim is also to find new activities to offer you in the Bordeaux vineyards.

In the evening, the gala evening took place in the hall of La Cité du Vin.... 

The 300 guests were able, like me, to take the ooportunity to taste wines that I know much less well out of the various stands ... a real crushr for a range from Burgundy from Château Pommard whether in white or red! What a beautiful discovery!

 But also the stand of the Domaine FL presenting Loire wines with a beautiful introduction to Chenin Blanc and the discovery of this magnificent Quarts de Chaumes!



No Gin Hourtin Ducasse

  And it was without counting a stop at the Nauera brewery which made you taste a beautiful part of its range of beers brewed in the Médoc but also Gin, rather I should say NoGin made from the distillation of the wine surpluses from the production of Château Hourtin Ducasse that I had not been able to taste at the property.... #DrinkOrDrive


In short, a most interesting day under the sign of meeting and sharing between partners of this beautiful wine tourism family.



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