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Saint Peter Cathedral in Angouleme : a romanesque jewel

| Marie HALLIER | News

Saint Pierre Angoulême Cathedral was built inside the Roman and medieval walls, at the end of the rocky promontory and especially close to one of the former gates, which facilitated the transport of the huge quantities of necessary materials.

This is the 4th building built on the site of the previous buildings.

Despite some restorations carried out by the famous architect Paul Abadie in the 19th century (also restorer of St-Front de Périgueux and builder of the Sacré-Cœur in Paris), we can admire in Angoulême a rare and precious jewel of Romanesque art. Apart from the representations of Saint Martin (to the right of the main gate) and Saint Georges (to the left), which are from the 19th century restoration campaign, this richly sculpted façade dates from the 12th century. It is the centrepiece of the building!

How to make sure your driver is an official and registered private driver or taxi in France?

| Marie HALLIER | News

A news item has recently been reported in various media..... it is an illegal driver who picked up a couple of Thai tourists in Paris and threatened them to get the incredible amount of 247€ for a 40 km service!
So how do you avoid being trapped and how do you recognize a regular and official driver... I am a VTC, both a driver and a registered private driver, operating in Bordeaux and Cognac area and I list the elements to be checked.

3 unusual details that you could miss when visiting Talmont sur Gironde

| Marie HALLIER | News

Have you decided to come and visit the pearl of the Gironde estuary? I give you here 3 unusual details that you could miss in Talmont sur Gironde when scouting around without a guide....

Let's go, look up and observe these unusual details along the narrow streets of the picturesque village of Talmont sur Gironde!

5 good reasons to choose a Bordeaux private tour?

| Marie HALLIER | News

Why choosing private tours? A good question.
Why don’t you share your table at the restaurant with unknown people?
Do you like peace, tranquillity?
Why do you hate people talking during a movie at the cinema? You want to enjoy your favorite moments and your travels!

An unforgettable 90th birthday in the heart of Cognac distilleries

| Marie HALLIER | News

Lisa contacted me almost a year ago to organize an exceptional day in Cognac with her family to celebrate together her father's 90th birthday!
Lisa said, "My dad's not just a 90-year-old man like you've never seen before, my dad's is some James Bond!"

 So, since I know that Lisa is a travel agent who works in the United States in Dallas, I immediately understood what would make her happy... So I organized a very special day in Cognac for the whole family.

Enjoy Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries tours on board of confortable & smart people mover

| Marie HALLIER | News

The Ford Custom Tourneo is one of the best vehicles on the touring  people movers scene.

That's why I chose this vehicle for my private tours of the Bordeaux wineries and Cognac distilleries; it's also perfect for enjoying panoramic drives along the Arcachon Bay or the wild banks of the largest estuary in Europe, The Gironde!  

It’s a flexible and capable people mover that features a modern design both inside and out, and a range of advanced options. With this people carrier, I deliver first class trips for up to 8 passengers for all your private tours through Bordeaux wineries or Cognac distilleries.