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Bordeaux wine festival : Bordeaux Fête le Vin 2014

| Marie HALLIER | News

Despite this crazy busy summer period and intense activity, I took the time to have a break at the Bordeaux Wine Festival called Bordeaux Fête le Vin...

Grape harvesting on the slopes of the Cotes de Bourg

| Marie HALLIER | News

Co-organised by the Pays de la Haute Gironde and the wine syndicate of Côtes de Bourg, this “discovery of the harvests” day had, as its objective, to promote the Haute Gironde wine growing areas.

This year saw a gathering of 8 Norwegians, 4 Columbians, 4 New Zealanders, 3 people from Hong Kong, 4 from Quebec and 1 from England. So, 24 people in all who had come together to discover what goes on behind the scenes in Côtes de Bourg wine harvesting.

A Columbian in the sweet Sauternes area

| Marie HALLIER | News

Entrusted by a Burgundy wine broker, I had the opportunity to guide a really pleasant Columbian customer who had  come to visit wine producers with a view to stocking the French shelves of the supermarket chain he represents.

A tapas walk in the vineyards at Château Boutinet

| Marie HALLIER | News

Yesterday, in the summer season of 2013, I tried out a very pleasant and somewhat original outing in the Bordelais vineyards that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to you – a Tapas walk at Château Boutinet.

Immersion in the Cognac "Bonnes Chauffes" - 2nd distillation

| Marie HALLIER | News

Following the advice of my twitter friend Agathe from Charentes at the beginning of January, I found myself off to discover the secrets of the distillation of Cognac and the famous charente copper pot still with its “bonnes chauffes“.. Did you know that the proper thing in Cognac making process is the double distillation? The second heating is commonly called "Bonne Chauffe" (good heating); it will result the "heart", which once aged under oak wood will be sold under the name of Cognac.

Bordeaux Pink October !

| Marie HALLIER | News

Have you noticed the abundance of pink ribbons around you these days ? They are there to raise awareness of a great cause – that of breast cancer screening ...