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Are you a real Cognac lover?

You deserve better than a standard tasting trip designed to appeal to the largest audiences.

This is not that hard to access the well known visitors centers of the famous cognac brands and you could find the door on your own without any help from me.

I got a secret for you !

I can take you to some very confidential places
where you will be able to taste exceptional and crafted Cognacs!

Let me help you to catch the soul of this magical spirit and meet the authentic distillers!

Get your tailor-made Cognac tasting tour !

Come On An Insider’s Journey Of The Famed Cognac Region. Visit some family owned estates with your expert local guide!

A custom Cognac tasting tour designed for you only! 

Before you tell yourself that planning a tailor-made trip to Cognac would probably be outrageously expensive, just ask and you could have a good surprise!

Half-day tours from Cognac or Angoulême
Rates start from 465.00€ for your party for a half day tour!

Cognac full-day tours available from Cognac, Angoulême, Libourne, Blaye...
Rates start from 543.00€ for your party for a Cognac full-day tour!

A Cognac tasting tour from Paris?

Great News : Cognac tours from Paris in one day are possible! Discover Cognac, regarded as the finest spirit distilled from wine. Visit Cognac houses and the countryside and understand how the grapes are grown and turned into spirit.

There are no packaged Paris to Cognac tours but I will be glad to help you to arrange a tour like this one as an example:

  • 6.50am: Catch the TGV in Paris to Angoulême (arrival 8.30am)
  • 8.30/9.00 am : Pick-up at Angoulême station
    Visit a first Cognac house and have lunch somewhere in a lovely casual bistrot. 
  • 2.00 pm : visit a second Cognac house
  • 4.00 pm : visit a third Cognac house
  • 7.15pm: Drop off at Angoulême station to catch the TGV back to Paris (arrival 10.40 pm)

5 good reasons to choose Bordeaux Cognac Tour Guide over another company ?

Because I am a real local and because I invest every year in continuous learning with official Cognac professional actors

Because you will have only one interlocutor from the begining to the day of your tour and you know in advance that your tour will be designed depending on your expectations

Because you are sure that everything is in order regarding french rules for transportation, registrations and licenses

Because a friendly moment is always guaranteed as I have excellent relationships with a network of authentic farmers/distillers

Because you won't have to waste your time to plan a good trip itinerary, I will do it for you! You tell me the kind of Cognac you prefer and I design a tour matching your taste and expectations !

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Feedback Pauls Cognac Tour 2022

FAQ 01 - Where do you pick us up?

Cognac tours - pick up spotsI will pick you up directly where you stay : hotel or B&B around Cognac city or Angoulême. I can also pick you up from Libourne or Saint-Emilion or Blaye (globally speaking the right bank of Bordeaux vineyards) A good plan if you are Cognac lover and stay in Paris : take a high speed train to Angouleme and book a private tailor-made Cognac tasting trip with me from Angouleme train station. I will drop off at the station at the end of the day.

FAQ 02 - How many people can you take on a tour?

Marie - Cognac tour guideTours can host 8 people maximum. The prices are always given for the whole party and not per person.

My vehicle offers 6 individuals seats + 2 in the front seat.

FAQ 03 - What type of vehicle is used for the tours?

Minivan Cognac private toursBordeauxCognacTourGuide uses only a FORD minivan, comfortable and fully equipped including air conditonning, shaded windows, 6 individual seats and large leg space.

My vehicle is a 9-seater minivan (1 driver + 8 passengers including two on the front seat). It is equipped with 2 wide sliding doors which makes it easier for the group to get in and out of the vehicle.

FAQ 04 - When do I need to start planning my trailor-made Cognac daytrip?

Sooner is always the better ! Because visits are mainly by appointment and depend on availabilities of the producers; most of them are farmers and they need to know in advance when they will be visited. If you book early you will have more chance to visit your favorite ones.

Most distilleries will need to be booked in advance. You have to know that traveling to Cognac is not like traveling to Napa or other wine countries. Visits are arranged only by appointments and depend on distillers availabilities.It is not possible to just turn up in Cognac as it is in many wine regions!

For a better experience, I will arrange all the visits booking in order to give you a large overview of the different Cognac styles. Cognac tasting fees are never included in my rates as they may vary a lot from one distillery to another one, but I will allways let you know the amount you need to consider in total for your tour.

FAQ 05 - When is the best season to visit Cognac distilleries?

Cognac copper pot still

I would say that for me, this is winter... Distillers are stuck in their distilleries for hours as the distillation campaign happens only during the winter and has to be completed before March, 31st.

Temperatures ranging from 32℉ to 63℉. Mornings and evenings can be a bit difficult to get out owing to the humidity reaching 80% making the weather cooler. Vines are naked as they've lost their leaves but this is the period when you meet the distiller in his/her distillery and can have a real and exceptional experience!


June to August is the busiest period for tourism in Cognac, so lodging and other accommodations may cost more than usual. September and October are the period for harvesting, so producers might be a bit busy. Better to choose second half of October for still a nice weather and long daylight. Distillation campaign will generally start again mid-November.

FAQ 06 - How many Cognac distilleries can I visit per day? Can I choose which distilleries to visit on the tour?

Cognac ageing cellarsTypically, a full day tour includes the visit of 3 Cognac distilleries and 2 distilleries for a half-day tour.

You have to know that we need to get an appointement in all the distilleries.

Let me know the Cognac houses that you wish to visit; I will do my best to give you satisfaction. Keep in mind that some Cognac distilleries are only available to wine and spirits professionals but most of the small ones will love to welcome you.

If you rely on my expertise... I work with a multitude of great partners and try to combine contrasted distilleries to offer you the best experience of Cognac and let you catch the soul of the region.

FAQ 07 - How much does a visit and Cognac tasting session cost?

Well... Difficult question to answer !

The cost depends on the distilleries, the "cru" (delimited area of production) and the fame of the Cognac name.

For grouped/shared visits, the prices range varies from 8€ to 50€ per person per tour. For private tours the prices range varies from free of charge in small crafted distilleries to 120€ per person per distillery in the famous brands.

I will always let you know the exact amount you will have to pay in advance. Because the tasting fees vary so much, I never include them in the price of my tours.

FAQ 08 - I am not interested in the full tour of the distillery, could I do only the Cognac tasting ?

Cognac tasting from the barrelHum ... nope sorry !
Distilleries are producers and not distributors !

You would make some of them very upset!
Generally, the tour goes through the family history and the specifities of ageing and blending in each "house of Cognac". So they will serve you a tasting dose of Cognac only after the visit.

However it will be an unique occasion to visit vineyard and learn about all the process of distillation, from the grape to the glass ! I am convinced that each tour will be an opportunity to learn something new and to immerse yourself in the local culture!

I can find some option of simple tastings in Cognac merchants to complete the tour.

FAQ 09 - Marie, what methods of payment do you accept if I book my Cognac tasting Tour with you?

Once you are satisfied with my proposal, I send you an invoice used as a booking form. The document needs to be completed, signed, scanned and returned by e-mail.
To reserve your trip, I require a 30% deposit of the total to confirm the tour booking (Bank wire transfer or Paypal).
The balance can be paid in advance or on the spot (Cash or credit card - No Amex)

FAQ 10 - Tell me about your cancellation policy...

BordeauxCognacTourGuide adheres to the following cancellation policy if for certain resons you are forced to cancel your shore excursion with me:

  • 60 days or more prior to departure will not be subject to a cancellation fee.
  • 60 - 30 days or more prior to departure will be subject to a 100€ per program cancellation fee.
    30-15 days prior to departure will be subject to 30% of the program price.
  • 15 - 5 days prior to departure will be subject to 60% of the program price.
  • 5 days or less prior to departure will be subject to 100% of the program price.

Refund Policy: Refunds are not made for any missed or unused services.

My customised Cognac tasting tour

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